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2009 REGULATIONS - (02/Jan/09)
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We have the best selection of CIK style disc protectors with 5 different brackets and 3 shoe sizes for 28mm, 30mm and 32mm chassis.
The brackets are made from stainless steel to suit most chassis and you'll find the common applications listed in the part description; they are supplied with the nuts anbd bolts to fit the shoe and the will fit the chassi without the need for spacers and shims.
The shoes are moulded to a very high standard to fit the chassis tube properly and can also be fitted on the engine side to act as sprocket protectors due to the cut-out to accomodate the tube between the engine rails; they can also be used as replacements with other common makes of bracket.
The shoes and brackets are sold separately to allow the best match for your kart and at a combined price of £19 plus vat they are very reasonable!

You'll find them in the shop under 'Kart Parts'